Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Design your kitchen with concrete countertops!

When it comes to countertops, concrete ones are more than a trend. These kinds of countertops and bar-tops make a bold design statement and look very beautiful in modern kitchens and restaurants. In homes, they go well with and complement very much about other home decors. If you are still not aware of this rapidly growing trend in kitchen, let me tell you what this is.

It was granite which was widely used earlier but concrete has almost replaced it. Not only the granite but also the other materials such as marble and other stones have been replaced. There is not a single reason for it but many. Concrete countertops have the mixture of all the qualities like they are durable and smooth and more importantly cost efficient. Another great thing about the concrete is that it can be designed more accurate according to your need. You can even customize the color, size, and shape.

Let’s check out the advantages in detail: 

Shape: The countertops can easily be transformed or designed in any shape. Basically, they are two types Precast and Cast in place. Pre-cast is basically a good choice for shops and businesses which is less messy and has a simple design and another cast in place design is best for home as it can be customized according to the interior of the house.

Beauty: A great perk to concrete countertops is that it can be created to have long stretches. Scratches are hardly noticeable than it can be seen in other materials.
Price: among all the benefits, here is the major and superior factor or reason behind the trend of concrete countertops. They almost cost half to the granite countertops and you can buy from to get the best discount on the concrete countertops.

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